BREAKING: Top GOP Senator Exposes Biden DOJ Conspiracy – Nation Stunned

Sen. Rand Paul is pulling the covers back on the truth about Joe Biden’s Department of Justice and it isn’t pretty.

Sen. Paul was speaking during an interview about the DOJ’s attacks on parents at PTA meetings when he revealed this bombshell:

You know, both my wife and I have been through a lot, not only being — myself being shot at — the ballfield when Steve Scalise was nearly killed, being there when a mob of 100 surrounded us, threatening to kill us, holding us essentially hostage until policemen came and broke us free. They were assaulting the policemen as they were trying to get us to the hotel. One of the policemen was ultimately bloodied and had a laceration that required stitches above his eye. … We asked them to investigate the mob of 100 to see who paid for them to come to D.C., who was putting them up in thousand-dollar-a-night hotels? Not one thing was ever done by the Department of Justice. But now, moms at school boards are being told that they’re criminals, potential domestic terrorists for the crime of dissent.

The FBI failed to take adequate action against an attack on a Senator, but then followed an order to chase down parents who spoke loudly at a meeting regarding their children.

Don’t let anyone fool you. The Democrats are not for you. They have an authoritarian agenda and tyrannical methods.

They want to crush opposition.

There is no place for middle ground in Joe Biden’s America.

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  3. listen here I’m not going to discredit D. J. Trump for all his hard work because those in the Democratic party who have been corrupt for years, decades have been blocking their corruption getting paid extorting money from the USA & the American people so they can fill their bank accounts more & more they should have been taken down all ready Americans have not voted to make them millionaires, or billionaires , but to be able to trust them with their lives & futures, which they have not been able to. the Clinton’s should have gone down , Obama , the Bushes too I hope by the powers & hand of the almighty God he exposes & takes them down & makes them pay all the money they not only owe me but all the other Americans who they robbed. this pandemic was pre-planned by the Chinese scandalous, there should be no fake TV as their has been

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