BREAKING: Top Court Demands Election Reversal – Voters Stunned…

A Texas judge has stopped part of the new election law ahead of early voting.

“A Texas judge halted part of a new state election law that would criminalize soliciting mail-in ballots, saying it was a violation of free speech,” reports Fox News.

“Federal District Judge Xavier Rodriguez of San Antonio ruled that Harris County officials had a free speech right to inform voters about mail-in voting,” according to Fox News.

“The judge’s decision came just three days before early voting is set to start for the March 1 statewide primary,” reports Fox News.

“The provision in the controversial SB 1, which took effect in December,” according to Fox News, “was a reaction to a Harris County official who tried to mail out absentee voter applications to all voters in the county, according to the Dallas Morning News.”

“The rest of the law remains in effect,” reported Fox News. “Separately, the U.S. Department of Justice is suing Texas over the portion of SB 1 that requires identification requirements for mail-in ballots and over access for voters with disabilities.”

“Texas doesn’t have no-excuse absentee voting. Those eligible include voters over 65, the sick and disabled or women expected to give birth within three weeks of Election Day and voters out of the county or in jail during early voting and on Election Day,” reported Fox News.

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