BREAKING: Supreme Court Says NO – America Stunned

The Supreme Court has denied lobster fishers’ request to block new environmental regulations.

“The U.S. Supreme Court this week denied a request from Maine lobster fishers to block an environmental regulation that the fishers claimed would significantly impact their business operations,” according to

“The federal government is imposing limits on lobster traps over about 1,000 square miles off the coast of Maine in an effort to protect the right whale, a highly endangered species. Maine fishers state that the regulations will choke off huge portions of the lobstering trade for which Maine is internationally known,” reported

The petition was rejected by Justice Stephen Breyer, who handles emergency complaints.

The fishers had earlier been denied their petition by a Boston federal appeals court.

To read more about whether or not you’ll be able to continue enjoying those lobster rolls, click here.

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  4. This is when I get very angry with these people who think they can rule over our jobs and our security. I believe they are biased against white people and favorable for blacks and Spanish. This group of Justices is the most cowardly I have ever witnessed in my life of 77 years.

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