BREAKING: Removal Announcement Stuns Maxine Waters – She’s OUT

Rep. Maxine Waters just got devastating news about her political future.

After openly calling for hostilities if the Derek Chauvin trial doesn’t go the way she wants, some are calling for her to be removed from office.

“Now we have to call on Congress to do their job,” said Joe Collins, a Navy veteran and South Los Angeles native who ran against Rep. Maxine Waters. “It’s time to remove Maxine Waters from office.”

Collins said that Waters was “a complete disgrace to the United States and to South L.A.”

Although Waters has tried to walk back her statements, she has not openly denounced them.

Collins has noticed and isn’t backing down. “This is not the type of leadership that the United States needs right now, which is why we are restarting our campaign to run against her in 2022,” said Collins.

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19 Responses

  1. If the Republicans do not start standing up to the democrats vile and racist attitudes, I will quite donating to the republican party. They need to get tough and stand up to all Demo lies and evil ways. They need to stay on it. Just like the democrats did during the Trump administration. The Democrats never let up on Trump. It is time Republicans. We didn’t put you in office just to look good. Get out there. Do your job. Stand up for the American way of life.
    Stand up for the people that put you in office. If you don’t, their will be more that feel the same way I do. Again I say, DO YOUR JOB

    1. AND Pelosi! Insider trading made her and husband Millions. They might lose it all, though because of the Tesla unmanned car accident that killed two men recently.

  2. Do you really think anything is gonna happen to Maxine Waters remember Democrats are above the law That’s why our FBI and department of justice hasn’t done anything even though some of these Democrats have actually committed treason and yeah I just look at Nancy Pelosi how long is she going to be allowed to blackmail the American citizen and of course she can make her own laws but she don’t have to follow it
    And just like Chuck Schumer they can go around and threaten our courts and judges as well as Supreme Court

    1. Lets vote out every last corrupt politician this coming year. Impeach who we can, and recall others. Time for red-blooded Americans to stand up for what is right!!!

  3. She is the main reason we keep having racist riots and burning down of cities. Are the Dems that blind that they can’t see it? She is causing a lot of our troubles right now. She is a disgrace to the United States and shouldn’t be in our seat of government. She has made her millions now lets get her out.

  4. I was so hoping you would win Joe! I live in NV, but was truly rooting for you!!! Waters should have been gone years ago. She used bank bailout money to save her husband’s bank, which didn’t qualify for a bailout. She’s crooked & evil personified! Go get her in 2022 Joe! Never give up the fight! ❤️🇺🇲

  5. Just DO it! Get rid of Waters. She is an unmitigated domestic terrorist. And while you are at it, Pelosi needs to go too, NOW! These women are disgusting, stupid, and too damned old to know what they are doing! Someone needs to keep them from destroying our country. God is on our side, not theirs. He is exposing all of these people in government so we the people will understand when they are removed.

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