BREAKING: Rand Paul Issues Urgent Warning About Biden – In Danger…

Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky blasted Biden, saying it is dangerous for Biden to speak in public.

“The Kentucky Republican lawmaker warned it was ‘dangerous’ for the country when Biden spoke in public,” reports Breitbart News.

“You know, it’s rambling and disjointed enough that it’s really hard to get a coherent message out of it,” Paul said.

“I think really for the good of the country because the thing about foreign policy,” Paul continued. “There are things you do to try to influence other countries. And they are influenced by your public pronouncements. And in some ways, that’s all you have. You have the threat of military might, but you also have the influence of what you say.”

“So you can’t be sending a muddled message or a message of well, it may not be too big a deal, you know, if there’s a Russian incursion,” Paul hammered.

“I think that it’s a mistake for him to be out in front,” Paul said. “It’s dangerous to the country. And I think we’re stuck with him, in all likelihood, until 2024. And I think it would be good for the country for him not to speak and not to appear in public.”

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