BREAKING: Putin Leaks Shocking Biden Bombshell – Nation Stunned

After their recent summit, Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia, is speaking out about Joe Biden and his team.

Putin “excused President Joe Biden’s belligerent behavior towards reporters following his meeting with Putin as the result of ‘jet lag in remarks Thursday – and defended Biden’s cognitive abilities by deriding White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki as equally confused,” reports Breitbart.

Ouch. He’s basically affirming that Biden messed up and adding to the criticism that Psaki is incompetent.

“The image of President Biden portrayed by our and even by the American media has nothing to do with the reality,” said Putin. “He is on a long trip, he flew from overseas, having the so-called jet lag, the change of the time zones.”

“His press secretary is a young, educated and pretty woman,” added Putin. “She is mixing things up all the time. This is not because she is not enough educated or has a bad memory. Simply, you know when people think that some things are secondary, they don’t really fix their attention on this.”

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