BREAKING: Olympic Committee NAILED In Commie Scandal [Developing]

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas has said that he believes the International Olympic Committee is acting as the Chinese Communist Party’s “frontman”.

“Sen. Tom Cotton stated that the International Olympic Committee is acting as the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘frontman’ in the case of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai and argued that the U.S. should totally boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics because we can’t guarantee the safety of American competitors from ‘ubiquitous electronic surveillance, to DNA harvesting, or simply hostage-taking,'” reported Breitbart News.

Cotton voiced concern about the safety of American athletes.

“The IOC is acting as nothing but a frontman for the Chinese Communist Party. Last week, I called for a complete and total boycott of these games, partly because the Biden administration cannot assure the safety of our athletes and their coaches and staff from ubiquitous electronic surveillance, to DNA harvesting, or simply hostage-taking,” Cotton said.

If the Chinese Communist Party will take its own athletes and disappear them and then march them out in hostage videos like this,” Cotton added, “what will they do to our athletes? This is a regime that is committing genocide against its own people. We should not be doing anything to celebrate or honor China with these Olympic games. We can rebid them. There are probably half a dozen European nations that could host them in February if we move now.”

To read the full story, click here.

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  4. I concur with Cotton!!! Especially with the DNA taken for use later in the Wuhan Lab to make specific viruses to use against European descent!!!

  5. The Olympics are becoming a joke! Once they allow men to compete in women’s sports, they lost viewership. No one wants to watch a man win against women. They should never have accepted China as a venue for the Olympics!!!

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