BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi LOSES – It’s Over

Nancy Pelosi’s house is falling to pieces and a recent survey revealed that Hispanic voters, who generally lean left in elections, prefer a random Republican over a Democrat leader.

“A recent poll found that Hispanic voters favor a generic Republican over a generic Democrat by two points, a 42-point swing since the 2018 midterm exit polls, where Hispanic voters overwhelmingly supported the Democrat,” reported Breitbart News.

“Forty-eight percent of the Hispanic voters would support a generic Republican on the ballot if the election were held today, compared to the 46 percent who support the generic Democrat. Four percent said they ‘would not vote,’ while only two percent said they were ‘not sure,'” reported Breitbart News.

This is a 42-point swing from 2018.

“The exit poll from the 2018 midterm election showed an estimated 69 percent of the Hispanic voters who voted for the Democrat in the congressional races nationwide, compared to the 29 percent who backed the Republican candidate,” reported Breitbart News. said this about the decline in support for Democrats:

The decline in support for Democrats likely has many causes. In terms of legislation, the president’s Build Back Better plan is weighed down by a large number of extraordinarily unpopular provisions. Additionally, Democrats are seen as a bigger threat to democracy than Republicans. In their push for election reform, Democrats have sought legislation to outlaw three election reforms that are supported by more than 80 percent of voters.

Beyond specific legislation, there are many broader concerns. Most voters recognize that, compared to pre-pandemic numbers, there are far fewer Americans with a job these days. Politically, this is a very challenging issue for Democrats. Two-thirds of voters say economic issues are more important than cultural issues. Yet only 37% believe that Democratic politicians and activists are primarily interested in economic issues.

To read more about how Nancy Pelosi’s house is crumbling, click here.

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