BREAKING: Lindsey Graham Death Announcement Shocks Nation

A democrat strategist stunned the country this week when she wished death on Lindsey Graham after he received a positive diagnosis of having the coronavirus.

Per Fox News, “Kate Coyne-McCoy, the chief strategist of the Rhode Island Democratic Party, faced swift criticism late Monday over a tweet about Sen. Lindsey Graham’s COVID-19 diagnosis.”

“It’s wrong to hope he dies from Covid right? Asking for a friend. #COVIDISNOTOVER #LINDSEYGRAHAM,” said Coyne-McCoy.

Edmund DeMarche called the move a calculated but sick effort to appeal to the Democrat base:

Even at a time when the political divide in the country seems like it could not get any deeper, posts hinting at the death of a political opponent seem to cross an imaginary line of civility. But individuals who tweet out these posts have often weighed the risks and have determined that they play to their base.

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7 Responses

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  1. What a horrible thing to say. This is what is wrong with the liberal/democrat base. Perhaps we should wish death upon them asap. Let us pray.

  2. TO WISH DEATH ON ANYONE SHOWS JUST HOW EVIL PEOPLE CAN GET. The democrats want to punish the GOP house leader because he made mention of needing restraint from taking the gavel after Pelosi—not to kill her, and this was said in a joking way, and yet the GOP and Linsey Graham is supposed to just look the otherway when a death wish is made over Linsey having tested positive with covid 19. It just shows that there is no love for country, no fairness, just a hateful heart—soooo sad

  3. So typical of the demonic Democrats to be so full of hate as to wish anyone dead, these lost souls need lots of prayers, Satin has a firm grip on this evil! He’ll is going to be one crowed place and I’m sure the devil is rejoicing, karma is coming sooner than you all think!👿

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