BREAKING: Kamala Harris Gets BRUTAL News – Nation Stunned

Vice President Kamala Harris is getting bad news from top lawmakers across the land.

“Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., and six other GOP lawmakers are urging Vice President Kamala Harris to visit the U.S.-Mexico border as soon as possible,” reports Fox News.

Of course, we know Harris does not want to do it, nor does she have any intention of helping mitigate the urgent crisis at the border.

“There is no substitute for seeing overcrowded migrant facilities in person and speaking directly with our border agents and officers who are dealing with this crisis on the human level every day,” said Fleischman in a recent statement.

“We invite you to make the journey to the southern border and to work with Congress to find solutions to mitigate this humanitarian and national security crisis in order to protect our nation,” said Fleischmann.

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10 Responses

  1. Both Biden and Harris really, really need to go to the southern border and see what’s going on. They are failing the American people by not being willing to do so. They must take a strong stand on this issue. There is not getting around it for them.

  2. Vice Presididn’t (Go to the Border) Kamala Harris is too busy appreciating the ceilings in Central American Countries and will eventually go to the border when she finally finishes her ceiling inspections and enjoyment of what each Central American Country manhood offers!

  3. Her boss asked her to do the job but she refused to do it.
    So, does it fit “You are fired”?
    Or in this case both the boss and his subordinate do not really know what to
    do on the cost of lives and the money of Americans taxpayers!
    Because he is such “a nice guy”!
    It’s just simply stupid to start with.

  4. China Joe and Harris the horror the rest of the democratic butt plugs will not solve anything at the border they created it just like the high prices and people out of work and send billions of other countries this is all stuff they have done so how do you expect a bunch of total lockups and I’m going to try to fix what they did if you’re dumb enough to think and if you’re stupid enough let the Democrats are going to fix what they f***** up you’re very busy going as they are this country’s never has such lying cheating thieves the commit trading on a daily basis

    1. They are unfit for thier offices and they knew it, thus, they shy away from CRISIS POINTS! They both will not have good ends! “As ye sow, so shall ye reap!” What goes about ocmes about~ BAD TREES could only bear BAD FRUITS! “The tree is known by its’ FRUITS!”

  5. They are not going to go because they want to delay it as long as possible so as many can enter the US illegally as possible.

  6. “Heels Up Harris” is as fake as the day is long. Neither Harris nor “Hiden Biden” are running anything. “Barack Hussein Obama Sotero Sobarkah”, Susan Rice and a few other Obama sheeple are running this crazy show.
    Biden and Harris are simply “Window Dressing”. Obama is now serving his third term, in cognito, attempting to finish what he couldn’t get done in his last 8 years as president.

  7. They are not gonna go down to the border because they’re not interested in stopping the influx of migrants. This was there plan all along, To fundamentally change our country, by bussing or flying all these migrants all around our country.

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