BREAKING: Kamala Harris BUSTED In Huge Scandal – Biden FUMING…

Vice President Kamala Harris’s new communications director has Biden perfectly pegged, calling him ‘dazed and confused.’ Biden has to be furious about this new hire.

“Harris’s new communications director once suggested President Biden was ‘dazed and confused’ and accused former President Trump of ‘pushing a janky science vaccine,'” reports Fox News.

“Jamal Simmons is set to be named the new communications director for Harris, replacing Ashley Etienne, who left in December,” Fox News reported.

“Simmons previously hosted a news show for The Hill called ‘Why You Should Care,’ in which he aired a segment in August 2019 titled ‘Dazed & Confused,’ poking fun at Biden for the many conflated and exaggerated stories he’s told the public over the years,” reports Fox News.

Simmons also called out Trump for “pushing janky science.”

“Trump’s fatally ill-managed Coronavirus response seems to have turned voters off to him the way Katrina destroyed Bush’s political reputation, but pushing a janky science vaccine into the public for political purposes would turn incompetent culpability into intentional harm,” Simmons tweeted in 2020.

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