BREAKING: Kamala Harris’ Border Bombshell Revealed – She’s Going Down…

Vice President Kamala Harris apparently doesn’t have time to go to the border to observe the migrant crisis despite President Joe Biden putting her in charge of the problem.

However, Harris is coming under fire for a suspicious double standard.

According to Fox News, Harris has “come under criticism from Republicans and former Trump officials for not having visited the border in her leading role in dealing with the migrant crisis — although she visited in 2018 to protest Trump-era policies.”

“I’d say the vice president, if she’s actually addressing this issue, needs to do both, needs to go to the border, needs to understand the conditions that are being experienced, needs to understand and talk to the men and women of the Border Patrol, she needs to hear firsthand what they’re experiencing, because it’s all interrelated,” said former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf during an interview.

Harris has claimed she’s not in charge of the migrant crisis.

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