BREAKING: Joe Biden’s China Secret Exposed – Conspiracy Stuns Nation

Josh Mandel, Republican candidate for election to the U.S. Senate in Ohio, said Joe Biden’s policies benefit Beijing because he is “personally, financially corrupted” by China.

“Mandel said Biden cannot be expected to serve America’s interests with respect to China given the president’s compromised status through his family’s dealings with China,” reports Breitbart News.

“Let’s start with the fact that Biden is personally and financially corrupted,” Mandel said. “He is, his son Hunter, probably his brother, the lobbyist, their finances are so intertwined and dependent on the Chinese Communist Party that he’s completely, completely conflicted. So let’s start out with that, that he’s not in any position to make the right decisions for the American people.”

“The Biden administration is enabling oil and gas pipelines in Russia and leaning on OPEC while we’re sitting here in Ohio, in America, with an abundance of natural resources that he won’t let us drill and move,” Mandel said.

Then Mandel dropped the hammer with some pointed criticism at Biden’s policies.

He said Biden’s policies are “quadrupling inflation, increasing prices at the pump and the grocery stores, and paying people to stay home and drink Mountain Dew and play Xbox with our tax money instead of actually getting people back to work.”

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