BREAKING Joe Biden FAILS – He Is Unable To…

If one were to believe all the media hype around Joe Biden, they would also have to assume that he has far surpassed any approval rating from the America people. But they would be very, very wrong.

“A plurality of U.S. likely voters consider President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office a ‘failure,'” according to a Breitbart report on Rasmussen polls.

Via Breitbart:

The survey, taken April 27-28, days before Biden reaches his 100th day in office, asked, “Have President Biden’s first 100 days been a success, a failure, or somewhere in between?”

A plurality, or 44 percent, said the commander-in-chief’s first 100 days have been a “failure,” followed by 36 percent who said it has been a “success,” 18 percent who said “somewhere in between,” and 2 percent who remain unsure.

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7 Responses

  1. Diane. YOU ARE 100% CORRECT… He can’t connect any dots… His administration is just as ignorant as him…. God help us !!!! US is going down the tubes… We need the real WINNER OF 2020 election to step back in.. DONALD TRUMP!!! S O O Oooon

  2. I agree 100% with you Diane. the only thing he is good at is corruption. if 36% of Americans believe he is doing a great job, we. as a nation, are in deep trouble. I would have never believed we would ever see a president worse than Obama. sad because both president and v-president are way over their heads.

  3. A total failure. Can’t imagine how he could have been worse. He has destroyed everything he touched and everything that was working for the American people.

  4. No way! If these were the actual poll results it must have been done in a room of no-brain democrats. BS!

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