BREAKING: Donald Trump Reinstatement Announcement Rocks Joe Biden – It’s Official

President Donald Trump just heard some stunning news from a notable attorney.

“Attorney Sidney Powell, who is being sued by Dominion Voting Systems for spreading allegedly defamatory claims about the 2020 election, insisted on Saturday former President Donald Trump could ‘simply be reinstated’ as president and fill the rest of President Joe Biden’s term,” reports Washington Examiner.

“There are cases where elections have been overturned, but there’s never been one at the presidential level, which everybody will jump to point out, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done,” said Powell at a recent conference. “It should be that he can simply be reinstated, that a new inauguration date is set.”

Although many of Trump’s supporters would no doubt love for this to happen, Powell cited no new evidence or plausible legal authority that would allow her speculation to become a reality.

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9 Responses

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  4. Trump should be given a double term for what he has been put through! He deserves that consideration. We cannot have him wait to run in 2024 – the nation is in disarray as it is ….. I can’t even imagine what we would be looking at if the Demoncrats get the full term. President Trump has a heart for the people of the nation. He has proven it and that is why he won in a landslide….we all KNOW it. Anyone who actually views the results of fraud can see it. Unfortunately, the Dems have their blinders on and are shaking in their boots about getting caught. I hope and pray we will see him back & SOON!

  5. Amen….
    And IF he does come back SOON… he for sure needs to run a full 8 yrs more… considering what the Democraps (yes I spell it how I wanted it to be spelled…. “Democraps”) have put him thru, even with his first 4 yrs in office as the USA’s BEST EVER President in my Life, the Democraps put him thru Hell & Back.. and he never gave up… he held strong for the Citizens of the United States of Amercia.

  6. The only issue I have with that is he will (we will) be shorted in terms of his time as President. Can he then run again in 2024?

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