BREAKING: Biden Busted In Fake News Video – America Sees The Truth…

Literally nothing coming out of the White House is true. A recent White House video included fake scenery outside fake windows of a digital set being used by Biden’s staff.

“White House staff used video footage of snow falling outside the White House to enhance the artificial windows on President Joe Biden’s digital set on Monday,” reports Breitbart News.

“The president spoke with farming and ranching advocates to discuss the high cost of beef in a video conference call from a digital set across the street from the White House,” according to Breitbart News.

“As the president spoke, the digital window pane behind him showed snow falling outside the White House,” Breitbart News reported, “presumably recorded earlier in the morning when a winter storm hit Washington, DC.”

The window screens have also shown views of windmills or shipping containers for previous Biden events.

Inaccuracies abound in the White House. To see photos of the fake scenes, click here.

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