BREAKING: Andrew Cuomo Shuts It Down – New York Shocked

Leave it the scandal-ridden Democrat Governor of New York to shut down a line of questioning on his own corruption.

Transparency isn’t really a thing Democrats do.

According to Fox News, “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo angrily rejected a reporter’s question Thursday about whether his $5 million book deal, which he arranged as COVID-19 raged through the city last year, was offensive to families who lost loved ones during the pandemic, calling the inquiry ‘stupid.'”

Well, its not stupid if you care about whether Cuomo understands the ethics or optics of profiting off a season full of proven allegations of his own corruption.

“A reporter posed a question regarding the book deal to the governor – who is expected to make over $5 million from his memoir – during a Thursday press conference in Buffalo, asking Cuomo to respond to critics who have said the Democratic governor is making money off of dead New Yorkers,” noted the Fox News report.

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