BREAKING: Andrew Cuomo Goes Down – It Finally Happened

The scandal ridden Democrat governor of California is finally getting what he deserves.

Critics are calling him out for a ludicrous response to one of the many sexual harassment claims against him.

“harassment is not making someone feel uncomfortable,” said Cuomo. “That is not harassment.” The problem with Cuomo’s statement isn’t that it might be in some detached sense, technically true, but rather that it comes on the heels of a larger response from him that seems mixed with denial, poor apologies, and now quibbling over definitions.

Further more, according to Fox News, Cuomo’s statement did not come privately, but rather in a press conference. Seems like an absurd mistake to make and probably justifies the massive criticism that he is now taking for it.

Cuomo’s comments haven been characterized as “jaw dropping.”

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11 Responses

  1. Someone needs to proof read articles before publishing. Cuomo is not the governor of California!

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    2. Maybe this is what President Trump meant by “FAKE NEWS” -Ya think? or maybe what the kids are learning in College from Liberal Professors!!

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  5. The Daily Conservative credibility just went out the window. Cuomo is not from California. Get your facts straight.

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