BREAKING: Andrew Cuomo Gets Terrible Diagnosis – New York Stunned

The scandal-ridden Democrat governor of New York just got terrible news.

According to the stunning report, “the majority of New Yorkers would rather have a candidate other than scandal-ridden Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whose favorability remains underwater with voters, run in the midterm election, the latest Siena College poll revealed.”

That may be the proverbial nail in the coffin for Gov. Cuomo. Although he has not indicated he has any plans to resign, even New York Democrat lawmakers are calling for him to step down.

“A majority (53 percent) of the respondents said they would prefer not to reelect Cuomo in 2022; they would prefer someone else.” said Breitbart. “Only 37 percent said they would reelect him, according to the poll.”

Per Breitbart reporting:

When the respondents were asked to rate Cuomo’s job as governor, he was negatively rated. Fifty-five percent of the respondents gave him a negative rating for his job performance.

Only 44 percent think the governor is doing a good job. Broken down, 32 percent said he is doing a poor job, and 23 percent said he is doing a fair job. Twenty-four percent of the respondents said he is doing a good job, and 18 percent said he is doing an excellent job.

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6 Responses

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  5. News Flash!!!…The Mensa Society recently released the average IQ results for New Yorker’s that voted for Andrew Cuomo. Tests revealed an increase from one-digit to two-digits. Based on the current data-base and a population of 70M, as of the first quarter, March 31, 2021, New York left-wing-liberal-democrats scored an average of 9 which increased to 10, well below the National average IQ of 95. Substantial cheating was also observed for those taking the test.

  6. New Yorkers have to be some kind stupid. A great job? Are you for real? A woman abuser, lockdown just because he said so, killing seniors in nursing homes. Lies constantly. Your mayor of New York City is just as bad. I bet you think he doing a good job too. American people are stupid.. Democrats have trained you well to be stupid and lazy.

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