Tucker Carlson: Black Lives Matter Now a Political Party

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently stunned the political establishment by claiming that ‘Black Lives Matter’ is now a political party.

Black Lives Matter is in fact a political party,” said Carlson. “Maybe the strongest political party in the United States as of tonight. Its members believe they can reshape this country and so far, they’re proving to be right.”

Carlson made the point that BLM’s confidence in their message suggests their ascendance to power.

You can always tell which political movements are ascendant, which are headed up, by how straightforward their members and sympathizers are about what they believe. Strong people say what they think out loud. They have no reason not to. They’re not embarrassed of their beliefs. They think they’re winning.

Carlson went on to warn against complacent enjoyment of the absurd ideas like defunding the police.

Some Republicans in Washington seem almost giddy as they watch the country go insane. Democrats have gone too far this time, they’ll tell you. We’re guaranteed to win in November. You’ve probably gotten text to that effect recently from friends. It sounds good, but they are wrong. They’re totally and completely wrong on many levels. For one thing, if you care about it a country, you’ve got to try, you have an obligation to try your very best to protect and defend it no matter who is helped in November. That’s what patriotism is. It’s not about you, it’s about America. But leave aside your moral duty, even as a matter of pure politics. This is a mindless analysis. It is a stupid calculation. Bad ideas are like cancer. When you ignore them, when you pretend they’re not there, when you just assume, just ride it out, they spread. Most people, as we noted, currently oppose defunding the police. That’s where the polls stand right now. But will they feel that way in three months? How about in three weeks? In an environment this, you don’t know. Things move fast.

To read more about Tucker Carlson’s comments about BLM and the state of our nation, click here.

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