Bill Barr Reveals Sinister Thread From China

United States Attorney General Bill Barr just exposed the nasty underside of China. If you thought the communist regime of the Chinese government couldn’t get any worse, think again.

When asked by Wolf Blitzer who was the more “aggressive” threat against American democracy, Barr emphatically said, “I believe its China.”

Barr revealed Russia might try to interfere in American elections again. He noted “It wouldn’t surprise me if Russia tries something again of the same general genre of before. I mean, this — influence basically is two kinds of things. It’s hack and dump, you get into someone’s mail system and then try to disclose embarrassing documents. It wouldn’t surprise me if they try something like that, or any other country tries that. The other way is social media and putting things out on social media.”

Barr then followed up that China’s hostility in this area is even more pronounced than Russia’s.

While Biden panders to the ultra-left, America has a very real enemy that is trying to dismantle and interfere with a free and democratic election. Yet Biden has largely been silent on that topic.

America must wake up to the real dangers it faces and make the necessary precautions to defend itself.

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