Biden Felony Bombshell Rocks Nation

A stunning new report may spell severe criminal liability for the Biden family.

According to Breitbart News, “Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son known largely for his mysterious lucrative foreign business dealings that the establishment media routinely ignored during the presidential election, may have committed a felony when purchasing a gun in 2018, purportedly lying about his history of drug use on a form.”

“Lying on the form is a felony, though prosecutions for it are exceedingly rare,” said the Politico report.

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13 Responses

  1. The entire Biden Family needs to be prosecuted for Treason and all sent to prison for life, including Joe Biden and his wife!

  2. Politician and their family and close friends are allowed to lie and cheat about anything and any time they want. At least that is the way it looks to me!

  3. For all you doubting Thomas’s a few words of advice. “NEVER SAY NEVER” , EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY” AND “WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND”. Remember the one that said “JUSTICE IS SERVED”.

    Hunter will “go down”, it might be an overdose or a prison term but he “will fall” and daddy won’t be around to watch out for him.

  4. Yes…prosecutions are extremely rare for the Bidens and all Democrats, aren’t they? If it were you or I though….we would be in jail for that.

  5. He will be prosecuted about the same time Hillary is. The FBI & DOJ have a blind spot for DemocRATS

  6. your quote of the question to which he said no did not say “have you ever” used…..
    If he was using or under the influence at time of purchase, then different result? You know how politician’s or crook’s words are parsed and manipulated. In any case i doubt anyone that could do something about this crook is really shocked.

  7. How about Joe Biden selling out American Interests to Communist China along with Hunter! Hunter and Joe had it really going on made billions enriching their family. This is being protected to because China wanted Biden in our White House, to pay the CCP back for all the favors. A real criminal enterprise kind of like an extortion racket!

  8. well this is all a dream when the big guy is the president so who will dare to arrest his son you can almost certain that it will never happen if this guy was on tv boasting that he cause the firing the guy who was investigating his son and yet he become the president what more than that you people wanted to see it will never happen

  9. Prosecution of lying to get a firearm RARELY PROSECUTED?
    Let’s put in place more laws,that will fix all the problems!
    If only the current laws were enforced, maybe that would help?
    The democrats know new laws won’t do a damn thing, because they won’t be enforced either,they are ONLY looking to outlaw gun ownership in the U.S., to protect themselves from the dastardly, ilegal laws they want to push through.
    They will find out one day, they’ve already gone too far.
    The young people being brainwashed by the schools,& colleges,need to be shown the truth,that they are being lied to,& convinced what they’re being told is the truth. The United States has operated quite nicely within the boundaries of the constitution, and that’s what makes America Great.

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