Ben Carson: Pro-Impeachment Democrats Acting Like Third Graders

The mild mannered and soft-spoken Dr. Ben Carson has had about enough of the leftists vicious attacks against Donald Trump.

And now he’s calling them out for it.

“What is a little troubling is people are always finding ways to stir up the problem so that we take our eyes off of the real issue,” said Dr. Carson.

He went on to explain that the impeachment efforts against Trump are distracting and vicious:

We will never solve problems if we keep pointing fingers at each other saying. ‘You did this. You did that. Now I must retaliate against you.’ Look at what is going on with the impeachment makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Carson then said that the attacks should stop now that Trump is no longer President.

“The man’s already out of office, and yet we’re spending all this time and effort on that because we must punish him,” said Dr. Carson. “And then the other side will say, ‘Well, we must punish you.’ It’s like a bunch of third graders. It’s so, so tiring.”

To read more about Carson’s statement, click here.

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