AOC Makes Her Move, Tells Democrats To Ignore Biden Supporters Who Aren’t Like Her

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making it clear that she wants the most radical element of her party to control the future of our nation.

Nevermind that many moderates played a role in supporting Joe Biden. She wants the Ilhan Omar’s of the country to set the course.

Responding to John Kasich’s comments on how many Republicans helped Biden win, and in turn he hopes Biden remembers, AOC dropped the guillotine, “John Kasich, who did not deliver Ohio to Dems, is saying folks like [Ilhan Omar], who did deliver Minnesota, are the problem. Please don’t take these people seriously and go back to celebrating and building power.”

Whoa there, girl. Have you ever heard of building a coalition or trying to bridge the gap? Oh yeah. You are a democrat.

If Biden wins, be ready to watch the most liberal and ideologically radical lawmakers in our country’s history circle their aim, not just on Trump and his supporters, but also on Biden himself the moment he hesitates to carry out their sick, socialist agenda.

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