AOC Can No Longer Be Taken Seriously As a Politician

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is, as most of America knows, a socialist environmentalist whose grasp on basic economics is as sketchy as her dance skills.

But her most recent claim truly underlines the fact that her time as a human being to be taken seriously should be over. In a video, now gone viral, AOC actually suggests that the reason for more violent crime is poverty.

You read that right. AOC doesn’t think the reason is New York police are retiring at a record rate, the entire left is calling for them to be defunded, and that every single cop with a badge is an edited mobile video away from their family being drug through hell.

The absurdity of AOC’s claim was not lost on White House press secretary who called the comments “preposterous:”

You have Rep. Ocasio-Cortez saying, “This is just because people are trying to get food for the families.’ That is preposterous. The reality is 63% of Americans in this country fear that criticism of our police departments will lead to no public safety in their streets. And 69% of black Americans, this is a real issue when you call or police cancer and talk about dismantling them.

To read more about AOC, the police and Donald Trump’s promise to never defund them, click here.

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