Zuckerberg’s Facebook To Censor Election Posts

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that his social media platform will censor posts after the election that could cause “unrest,” Breitbart reported Tuesday.

Think about that. Zuckerberg is claiming he will unilaterally stop people from seeing content that could upset them enough to do something that Facebook, in all its wisdom, deems inappropriate.

That might sound like a decent strategy for national safety and civil democracy — till you think about it for a few seconds.

Has Facebook censored posts that might have caused rioters to not burn buildings in Minnesota? Has Facebook censored posts that might have encouraged anarchy and violence in the streets of Portland?

No. And no. And without a single apology, I might add. So what is up with this preemptive explanation that is contradictory to what Facebook is currently doing?

It’s simple: Facebook expects a Joe Biden win this November, and in such a manner that Trump supporters will be upset. Maybe mail-in ballots from dead people push Pennsylvania Biden’s way. Maybe a Democrat canvasser rides into Michigan with a truckload of ballots that she found herself and Michigan goes Democrat by 47 votes. Let your imagination run wild.

But don’t you dare think about sharing a story about it, because Facebook won’t let you.

That’s how Facebook feels about free speech in 2020.

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