Censorship Of Conservatives Causes Zuckerberg To Face Intense Criticism Before Senate

It’s not a surprise to anyone who can read that Facebook and the tech giants in the valley have an agenda to promote and that conservative ideals are not part of that agenda. What is a surprise though is the apparent lengths they are willing to go in a coordinated nefarious effort to advance their one-sided platform of ideals.

But the house of cards is crashing down on them.

Before the recent Senate hearing, Sen. Mike Lee suggested Zuckerberg’s Facebook has gone so far as to be guilty of “deceptive trade practices:”

The more we can see that these big social media platforms are offering one service and providing another — in other words, they’re claiming that they’re politically unbiased, that they’re not putting their thumb on the scale between one side of the political spectrum and the other, and so they lure their customers in thinking they’ll have an unbiased experience. In practice, this is not how it works. In practice, what they are doing is steadily putting their thumb on the left side of the scale. Now, that’s a problem. That’s a deceptive trade practice, and they need to be held accountable for that. I predict that they will be.

It’s about time they were held accountable and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

To read more about Senator Lee’s comments, click here.

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