White House Press Sec. Suggests Removing Biden’s Name From Building

The growing national unrest has resulted in statues being torn down, bands being renamed, employees being fired, and even calls for military bases to be renamed to avoid paying tribute to leaders of the Confederate army.

But the White House isn’t about to change the names of the military bases. Instead, it has a better idea.

I’ll leave you with the question? Should we then rename the Biden Welcome Center?” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany asked at a recent press conference, according to Breitbart. Of course, McEnany was giving a nod to the fact Joe Biden shamefully fought to keep schools segregated.

Earlier in the presser, she rhetorically asked how far this line of thinking should go.

“Where do you draw the line here?” McEnany asked, according to Breitbart. “Should George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison be erased from history? What about FDR and his internment camps? Should he be erased from history, or Lyndon Johnson who has a history of documented racist statements?”

To read more about McEnany’s statements, click here.

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