‘We’ve Caught Joe Biden In a Lie,’ Says Senator Ron Johnson

All the plausible deniability and corrupt cronyism in the world won’t save Joe Biden now.

The Democrat presidential candidate just had the cover peeled back on perhaps his most scandalous deception (and there’s some pretty stiff competition in that category).

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) discussed the bombshell while speaking during an on-air interview with Fox Business, according to Breitbart.

Johnson said:

Vice President Biden famously in the end of 2009 said he’d never spoken to his son about overseas business dealings. This sure sounds like a conversation he probably had with Hunter Biden about his position on Burisma’s board. So, I am sorry to say I think we’ve caught the vice president in a lie, which by the way, I never believed that was true.

According to Breitbart, Johnson explained that this revelation is based on the fact that “Amos Hochstein, who was a special envoy over to Ukraine actually did talk to the vice president about how troubling this was, this conflict of interest, which, by the way, led the vice president then to talk to Hunter Biden to set up meeting with Amos Hochstein.”

Uh oh. Looks like Biden’s house of cards is falling.

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