Mark Levin: More Proof Of Vote Fraud Than Russian Collusion

Conservative firebrand Mark Levin appeared on Fox News’ Hannity on Friday to expose a brilliant point about voter fraud.

The mainstream media and liberal Democrats have spent years talking up the Trump–Russia collusion conspiracy that we all now know was a hoax contrived to dismantle the credibility of President Trump. But now, those same people and organizations are rebuffing at any discussion about inquiring into the legality of certain votes and whether there may be provable instances of fraud.

“There is more evidence of voter fraud than there was ever evidence of Russian collusion,” Levin told Hannity on Friday, according to Breitbart. “So, those who keep saying, let’s see the evidence, where the hell were you the last four years? You are nowhere.”

But Levin didn’t stop there. He went on to describe how the Democrats have been planning for this “chaos” to exploit it for more political power, saying:

The Democrats want earlier and earlier voting and later and later counting. Now, why do they want that? More time, more time to fix the system. I don’t mean to reform it — I mean fix it in their favor.

They believe in flooding the system, create chaos. They’ve done this in the number of places. Grab power, and then accuse your opponent of misbehavior.

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