Virginia Supreme Court Denies Hearing Gun Ban Case

Virginia has historically been a bastion of liberty for gun owners and Second Amendment enthusiasts — but Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam is working to change that. And it appears the Supreme Court of Virginia isn’t going to stop him.

After Gov. Northam issued an executive order banning all firearms on the Capitol Square, Constitution-loving patriots filed an Emergency Petition To Review with the commonwealth’s Supreme Court. But the Court flatly denied the petition, leaving the firearm ban in place.

The purpose of the ban, according to Northam, is to prevent protesters and violent, riotous non-Virginians from carrying firearms around the state’s capital during an upcoming rally. The ban does not apply to law enforcement personnel.

Northam’s executive order is set to expire after the rally.

Although several people have been spotted wearing hunting caps and jackets and carrying posters that support the Second Amendment, no actual violence has been reported as of this writing. Nevertheless, the rally prompted Virginia authorities to issue a state of emergency in the commonwealth.

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