Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz: Twitter Is a ‘Partisan Political Tool’

Twitter and Youtube can’t hide from the consequences of their liberal politics forever.

And Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz is doing his part to make sure America knows the truth about it.

“YouTube is no longer a platform, and Twitter is no longer a platform,” said Dershowitz. “It’s a partisan political tool that can be used for purposes that were unintended by Section 230, and Section 230 must be amended, or at least interpreted not to apply to platforms that censor.”

But Dershowitz didn’t stop there.

“You have to ask yourself, why do [YouTube and Twitter] allow other things to go on, blatant lies, falsehoods defamations, bigotry of every kind, on [their platforms]?” asked Dershowitz. “Doesn’t that send a mixed message?”

He not wrong. The double standards expose Big Tech for not caring about their standards at all. It’s an ideological cleansing and the fatality will be differing opinions.

This is not the America our founding fathers envisioned.

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