Tucker Carlson: Roger Stone’s Case Is About Sending Political Enemies To Jail

As rumors swirl around the decision of President Donald Trump to commute the remainder of Roger Stone’s prison sentence, reaction is expectedly partisan and polarized.

But the reason may be surprising. According to Tucker Carlson, the left wants to use jail to penalize and shame its political enemies. They see opponents not as diverse free thinkers who are equally entitled to the playing field of idea, but a cancerous and evil enemy who must be removed from society.

In a blistering op-ed for Fox News, Carlson lists a parade of left-leaning non-Trump supporters who committed criminal acts but got lesser sentences than Stone or no sentence at all. His point is that the criminal case against Stone was politically motivated and as such, the sentence was overly harsh.

“They are for punishing people who don’t vote for them, and the same thing is happening here [with Stone,]” wrote Carlson.

“The left doesn’t want criminal justice reform. If they did, they’d be on Roger Stone’s side. No. What they really want is to send their political enemies to jail and that’s what they’re trying to do.”

To read Carlson’s entire op-ed, click here.

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