Tucker Carlson: Donald Trump’s Reelection Is Only Hope For America

In a cautionary rant, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said President Donald Trump’s reelection is the nation’s only hope but that Trump could “well lose this election.”

“Not many people are saying it out loud on the right, but the fact is that President Trump could well lose this election,” Carlson warned. “In fact, unless fundamental facts change soon, it could be tough for him to be reelected. If the president does lose, that means just a few months from now, Joe Biden would become the president.”

Then Carlson warned that a Biden presidency would be devastating for America. “The United States government would fall into the control of the radicals who controlled Joe Biden, and they will remake the country,” said Carlson.

But then Carlson explained why Trump was “the only hope for America.”

This is precisely the time — right now, tonight — to defend the institutions we desperately need to keep in this country. Those institutions include the nuclear family, our freedom of speech, small independent businesses, absolute color blindness under the law, the noble tradition of non-violent protests. Those are the things that make us proud to be Americans. Those are the things that make America a place worth living in. We need to defend these things with everything we have. All of us must defend them, including the president. That is his hope of reelection. For the rest of us, it is our only hope as a country.

To read more about Carlson’s comments about the importance of the coming election, click here.

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