Tucker Carlson Cut Out By Disney Executives

Top Disney executives have cut Tucker Carlson out of their advertiser budgets over his comments begging President Donald Trump to shut down the “pipeline of H-1B visa workers into the white collar jobs that would otherwise go to Americans.”

Although the decision was made by the top decision makers back in May, the mainstream media continued to mislead (gasp!) their viewers claiming the ad cuts were based on Carlson’s recent criticism of some of the Black Lives Matter movement.

As reported by Breitbart News, “Disney cut funding to Carlson because they want to protect their pipeline of cheap workers, not because of Carlson’s future statements on the future Black Lives debate,” according to John Miano, a Immigration Law Reform Institute lawyer. ‘”It was the visas,” Miano reportedly said.

As early as April 1, Carlson called the visa worker pipelines “demented.”

“The biggest winners are Apple, Google, and IBM. … It has always been disgusting. … The President needs to stop this from happening,” Carlson said.

To learn more about Tucker Carlson’s stand against the H-1B visas, click here.

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