Trump’s Coronavirus Performance Resulting In Rising Approval Numbers

Although the mainstream media is working overtime to armchair quarterback every move President Donald Trump makes, the American people are letting their voice be heard and it’s clear what is happening.

According to the Washington Examiner, “recent polling shows a sharp swing toward Trump on dealing with the mounting public health crisis.”

A Morning Consult poll shows almost a 10-point jump in approval of Trump’s coronavirus leadership within only a matter of days. That poll shows 53% approving and 39% disapproving.

A Friday ABC News/Ipsos poll revealed a 55% approval rate for Trump’s coronavirus management while 43% disapproved.

On Monday, Monmouth released a poll that showed “50% of people thought Trump was doing a good job coping with the outbreak to 45% who believed he was doing a bad job.”

The Democrats have been hoping the pandemic would be their guarantee of victory come November, but right now, it looks like Trump’s COVID-19 response is putting them even further behind.

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