The Verdict Is In: Trump Won The Iowa Primary

President Donald Trump won the GOP vote in the Iowa caucuses, but he got a much bigger win than that in the Hawkeye State.

It’s true Trump had no legitimate competition in the Republican contest, but his more serious opposition also handed him a huge victory on a silver platter.

What am I talking about? The complete debacle of the Democrats’ caucus results. It was chaos wrapped in incompetence.

Sure, Trump won the vote among registered Iowa Republicans. That was no surprise. But what was a surprise was the meltdown on the Democrat side.

Fox News reported that Robert Wolf, a former Obama White House economic adviser, called the delayed reporting of the Iowa caucus results a “win for President Trump.”

And the reason why is clear.

“What I would say about why it is a win for Trump,” Wolf explained, “is because no one came out of the caucus with momentum and we still don’t have a natural frontrunner.”

Wolf, a Democrat, then compared this year’s debacle to past years. “We have everyone at 25% or below,” he said. “When Obama came out, he was at 40%; when Hillary came out, she was at 50%. The idea that we’re still at 20-25%, that does not help our party.”

When Democrat officials are calling their own election a “win for Trump,” it’s a bad predictor for the real vote come November.

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