As Impeachment Vote Nears, Trump Wins Political Victory

Although Nancy Pelosi continues to push the smoke-and-mirror show of impeachment, President Trump is making huge gains. Pelosi wants to use the impeachment process to smear Trump, but his growing list of political victories is making her smear attack more and more useless.

Just days ago, Trump secured a major win in by completing the first phase of his China trade deal. Even The New York Times called it “A Great Day For Trump.”  Trump also scored a win when a key political ally, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, secured an important majority in the British Parliament.

But that isn’t all.

Trump’s economy has also secured the highest homebuilder confidence in 20 years.

But that isn’t all.

On Monday, the DOW climbed 150 points, stocks hit record gains, and it looks like the market is going to complete a four-day winning streak.

Oh, but that isn’t all.

The New York Times admits Trump is making progress with the House Democrats on his North America trade pact.

But that still isn’t all.

Trump’s economic gains and agreements have injected certainty into the American economy and significantly pushed back fears of a recession.

As Pelosi tries to ruin Trump’s reputation and destroy his political legacy, the growing proof of Trump’s economic and political gains will be hard for her deny. 

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