BREAKING: Trump Smiling After HUGE Texas Announcement – It’s Happening Now…

Donald Trump said it would happen, and even though the leftists have fought every step along the way, the wall on the southern border is still being built.

According to Washington Examiner, “Texas has broken ground on the construction of a wall along its southern border with Mexico.” The report called it “a deliberately extravagant gesture intended to show a willingness to defend the area against illegal immigrants while Washington remains idle.”

Anna Giaritelli, a Homeland Security reporter for the Examiner, said the state’s “effort is meant to deter mass migration to and through Texas after a year that saw more people come across between ports of entry than during any year in the Border Patrol’s 97-year existence.

President Joe Biden and the Democrats have opened the border more than any other era in history.

Per the report, this section of the wall “will be at least 18 feet tall and stretch two miles.”

According to Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush:

We’re actually breaking ground and sending a message more importantly to the federal government that if you’re not going to do your job, Texas will. We are a can-do people — a resilient people. We know when we’re being stiffed, and in this case, it’s this blatant disregard for enforcing federal immigration law.

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