Donald Trump Releases Report That Proves He Was Right About America

Just before leaving office, President Donald Trump released his 1776 Commission‘s final report.

It is a thing of beauty and proves Trump was right: America is the greatest nation to have ever existed.

“To be an American means something noble and good,” the report says. “It means treasuring freedom and embracing the vitality of self-government. We are shaped by the beauty, bounty and wildness of our continent.”

The report goes on:

We are united by the glory of our history. And we are distinguished by the American virtues of openness, honesty, optimism, determination, generosity, confidence, kindness, hard work, courage and hope. Our principles did not create these virtues, but they laid the groundwork for them to grow and spread and forge America into the most just and glorious country in all of history.

The report concludes that America is excellent, and that we should be teaching our children this fact, arguing:

We must resolve to teach future generations of Americans an accurate history of our country so that we all learn and cherish our founding principles once again. We must renew the pride and gratitude we have for this incredible nation that we are blessed to call home.

To read the report in its entirety, click here.

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