BREAKING: Donald Trump Prison Bombshell Stuns America [Developing]

Donald Trump just released a stunning statement about what is truly going on with illegal immigration.

According to Breitbart News, Trump is claiming that “foreign countries are ’emptying their prisons into the United States’ thanks to President Joe Biden’s generous open borders policy at the U.S.-Mexico border and the gutting of interior immigration enforcement.”

“Other countries are emptying their prisons into the United States… ‘Let’s send them to the United States and they’ll get in,’ because nobody even checks who is coming into our country — it’s insanity,” the former president said at a recent rally.

It’s destroying our country… They’re murderers and drug dealers,” Trump added, according to Breitbart. He went on:

Just this month, a previously deported illegal alien in Massachusetts with prior charges for murder and many other things gunned down a man in broad daylight, shooting him viciously and violently as he lay in the street four times.

Recently in Louisiana…an illegal alien who entered the country as an unaccompanied minor under Obama was charged with hacking a woman and their 15-year-old sister into very small pieces with a machete and stabbing two other people to death.

And right here in Ohio, a twice-deported fugitive MS-13 Gang member… He was charged with murder, he was discovered in Galloway after entering our country for a third time, and bad things happened.

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3 Responses

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  2. “The price of freedom is ETERNAL VIGILANCE” – Our nation (as a whole) seems to have forgotten that EACH of us HAS the very serious RESPONSIBILITY of being ALERT to any destruction in our nation.
    “One nation UNDER God” is VERY serious because it is BASIC. “We DO
    what we do because we BELIEVE what we believe”.
    If we think that God and His ways are a joke, that makes US fools!!
    Fellow citizens, BE ALERT!! And then ACT!! Speak up!
    “My people DIE for lack of knowledge (about God & His ways)”

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