Democrat Congressman Admits Trump Is NOT Impeachable

For months, left-wingers have been unified in singing the impeachment song. But now, thanks to Congressman Jefferson Van Drew, the facts are out and it isn’t pretty.

Van Drew says President Donald Trump is not impeachable.

And here’s the kicker: Van Drew is a Democrat.

Van Drew told USATODAY that while some may find Trump “unsavory,” that doesn’t mean a “small elite group” of lawmakers should move forward with impeachment. He said the left’s efforts to push impeachment with the presidential election less than a year away was “not only unfathomable, but un-American.

So now we have a Democrat congressman doing a complete reversal on the left’s narrative that Trump must be impeached. The times they are a-changin’.

Van Drew went even further and slammed the left by saying their impeachment talk is “everything our country doesn’t stand for.”

I’m certain Van Drew will get hammered by other Trump-haters for speaking out. But he won’t be the last Democrat to do a 180 on impeachment.

You don’t have to be a Texan to know what’s happening: The left’s impeachment effort is all hat and no cattle.

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