Trump Makes Health Announcement On Fox News

In his first on-camera interview since being released from Walter Reed hospital, President Donald Trump said he’s feeling well.

Appearing on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ President Trump recounted that the doctors “wanted to keep me for observation. … They wanted to be sure it was good. But … I was there for, I guess, three-and-a-half days. They wanted to keep me. I wanted to leave after the first day. I really felt I was in not bad shape. After the first day, I think I would have been in much worse shape had I not taken this [Regeneron] medication.”

Fox News reported that Trump could hear his supporters from his hospital room:

I could hear them from the hospital. I was way up high. And, you know, [I’m in] this very fortified military hospital that’s, you know, built to the highest standard. And yet through these very powerful windows, I could hear people screaming and shouting and with love, with real love.

Trump told Carlson that it “was a great display of love.”

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