Trump Jr.: Democrat Convention Shows How Much They Hate America

Americans have a big choice to make this November. And Donald Trump Jr. is certain that a choice of Joe Biden is a choice for a party whose appeal is to discredit, insult, and denigrate the United States of America.

According to Breitbart, Trump Jr. said Thursday that last week’s Democrat National Convention was “literally a week-long I-Hate-America Zoom call. It looked like my kids’ kindergarten class. No flair, no nothing.”

Trump Jr. went on to observe that Democrats had insulted pro-American sentiments. “It was basically, ‘If you like anything about your country, you’re a racist. If you like anything about America, you’re a terrible person,’” the president’s eldest son said, according to Breitbart. “It was disgusting. It’s the kind of convention you would have seen in Iran talking about America, not America talking about America.”

“I guess ever since Harvey Weinstein went to prison, they’ve just lost a little bit of their flair,” Trump Jr. said of Dems.

To see more of Trump Jr.’s comments on both the Democrat and the Republican conventions, click here.

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