Trump Is The Real Ukraine Whistleblower

The real whistleblower in this Ukrainian phone call “scandal” is Donald Trump. HE is the one who revealed the corrupt acts of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter – not anybody at the CIA.

On Sunday, White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller stated that he believes Trump was the REAL whistleblower – and that the filed complaint against Trump seemed like a partisan hit-job.

During an interview with Fox News Sunday, Miller stated:

“The president of the United States is the whistleblower and this individual is a saboteur trying to undermine a democratically elected government…”

Miller says that the whistleblower’s complaint was merely an attempt to slander the president, and that it “drips with condemnation, condescension and contempt for the president.”

Miller is absolutely right. There is absolutely no reason to think that Trump acted illegally for talking to the president of Ukraine. In fact, for this very reason, Donald Trump was able to release a transcript of his phone call – precisely because Trump knows he did nothing wrong!

Trump has been completely transparent with the public about his dealings with Ukraine. He has stated numerous times that he wanted to investigate Biden’s dealings involving his son, Hunter. And Trump is following through with what he stated numerous times he intended to do.

The truth is simple. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats are the real ones who are incorrectly crucifying President Trump. There’s no scandal. There’s no illegal activity. There are only angry Democrats who are purposely targeting Donald Trump because they’re scared he might find something incriminating on Biden.

But let’s face it, Joe Biden should not be immune from justice. If Donald Trump wants to pursue an investigation of Biden using the resources he has available, then he should be allowed to do so. No question about it.


Do YOU think Democrats are wrong to impeach Trump?

Tell me what you really think.

Until next time,

Shaun Connell

PS: Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has promised that if he becomes president, he’s going to CONFISCATE all AR-15s.

Well, I have a message for him. COME AND TAKE IT.

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