Fact Check: Donald Trump Is Right On Georgia Ballot Checks

President Donald Trump’s enemies got a huge slap in the face after a recent report proved Trump was mostly correct about Georgia ballot signature checks.

Breitbart News reported:

CLAIM: President Donald Trump is “wrong” that Georgia made checking signatures on absentee ballots “impossible.”

VERDICT: MOSTLY FALSE. Georgia’s consent decree made checking signatures so difficult as to be practically impossible.

It’s a fact that there was a change. And it’s a fact that the change makes protecting from fraudulent signatures so difficult that, practically speaking, it cannot be done reliably or consistently to the scale required to check the number of ballots in question.

Even though the Associated Press declared Trump’s statement as wrong, an actual look at the consent decree — which the AP curiously did not link to — reveals the change Trump was referring to is there in black and white.

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