Trump Demands Investigation Into Schiff and “Whistleblower”

NOTE: Before I begin, I just want to encourage you to thank the veterans you know for their service today. It’s easy to talk about freedom, but it’s another thing to dedicate years of your life to actually defending it. That takes heroism.

Now back to our scheduled programming:

Donald Trump is done playing nice. He’s now publicly calling for a fraud investigation of the alleged “whistleblower” from the Deep State.

Specifically, Trump announced on Twitter:

“The lawyer for the Whistleblower takes away all credibility from this big Impeachment Scam! It should be ended and the Whistleblower, his lawyer and Corrupt politician Schiff should be investigared for fraud!”

Then, Trump doubled down, emphasizing exactly what Schiff has been caught doing already:

“Shifty Adam Schiff will only release doctored transcripts. We haven’t even seen the documents and are restricted from (get this) having a lawyer. Republicans should put out their own transcripts! Schiff must testify as to why he MADE UP a statement from me, and read it to all!”

This shouldn’t be particularly controversial at this point, but of course it will be.

Schiff has been a serial liar and absolutely should be investigated for his fabricated previous transcripts.

The same goes for the “whistleblower” who is probably almost certainly just a Deep State activist.

Investigate them both and let justice be done.

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