Trump’s Campaign to Defend U.S. Navy SEAL Worked

Donald Trump’s entire presidency is founded on his desire to fight the world’s corrupt – no matter who they are or how powerful they might be.

For a perfect example of what this means, just look at how Donald Trump moved in to save U.S. Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, eventually leading to the corrupt review boards against Gallagher and his other officers to be canceled.

Trump stepped in to make sure that after Eddie was acquitted of alleged war crimes that he wouldn’t be punished by the Navy establishment.

This executive decision kicked off a massive drama within the military community – especially among the higher-ups who weren’t used to being challenged.

On November 15th, Trump reinstated Gallagher’s rank to chief petty officer.

The Navy responded by establishing a “review board” to investigate Gallagher and several of his officers. In other words, they were going to decide if, in fact, Trump was going to get his way.

Trump responded last Thursday in a very Trumpian way. He announced an order – on Twitter – that Gallagher would, in fact, keep his Trident. Period.

Eventually, Gallagher’s review board was canceled. This is exactly as it should be, considering Donald Trump gave an obvious order and he IS the Commander in Chief.

A few days ago, the Navy also confirmed that the other review boards for the other officers have also been canceled.

Sometimes, it’s a tedious process fighting a corrupt establishment. Luckily for Gallagher, Trump seems to enjoy the process.

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