Trump Critic Calls Trump Defense Team ‘Brilliant’

There are a lot of clues that the Democrats’ attempt to remove President Donald Trump from office isn’t going well. But perhaps the most glaring evidence of this comes in the form of a recent comment from constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley.

Turley, an open Trump critic who was “widely praised for his non-partisan testimony during House Democrats’ impeachment hearings,” according to the Daily Wire, had glowing reviews for the president’s defense team on Saturday.

“The House took a lot of hits below the waterline today,” Turley tweeted. “These were powerful points that gave ample foundation for senators to support acquittal without agreeing with the Dershowitz theory or the suggestion that everything was ‘perfect.’ I liked the low key, fact-based argument.”

But that’s not all the professor said.

Turley also called the defense team “brilliant.”

And “sophisticated.”

And “effective.”

When a Trump critic like Turley sees the writing on the wall, it’s time for the Democrats to give up the ghost. But winning the impeachment trial was never the point. The radical left and mainstream media want their propaganda circus to dominate CNN’s headlines for as long as possible leading up to the 2020 election.

But if Turley can see what is really going on, then so can the American people. And that’s very bad news for the Democrats.

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