Trump Campaign Posts Tribute To George Floyd. Twitter Removes It.

When you hate Donald Trump so much that you will delete anything that may shed positive light on him, then you know you have reached peak lib. And Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, is as peak liberal as they come.

After the Trump campaign posted a tribute video to George Floyd, the social media giant removed the video from the platform.

According to Breitbart News, the video condemns Floyd’s death as a “grave tragedy,” that “should never have happened.”

In the censored video, Trump also condemns rioters and looters, saying they have “nothing to do with justice or peace,” and highlighting the damage done to small minority-owned businesses. He condemns “Antifa and other radical left-wing groups.”

“The mobs are devastating the life’s work of good people and destroying their dreams. It harms those who have the least. We cannot and must not allow a small group of criminals and vandals to wreck our cities and lay waste to our communities,” Trump says in the video.

The video can still be seen on Youtube.

Twitter claims it received a violation complaint by a copyright holder.

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